Efficient and environmentally friendly: Divinol AquaChainFluid

Timber is usually harvested in autumn or winter. Periods of frost are particularly suitable for felling and harvesting in order to protect the soil. On small areas or in sensitive forest stands, highly functional chainsaws are used instead of timber harvesters. The use of a suitable lubricant plays an important role here. It has to be efficient and at the same time gentle on people and the environment. With Divinol AquaChainFluid, lubricant expert Zeller+Gmelin has a resource-saving, water-based saw chain fluid in its range.

"With Divinol AquaChainFluid, we have developed a convenient-to-use, water-based high-performance saw chain fluid that is not only easily biodegradable, but also has very good lubricity and excellent wear and corrosion protection," says Michael Peter, Product Manager at Zeller+Gmelin.
According to current estimates, about 10,000 t of chain lubricants are released into the environment each year during logging due to loss lubrication. The use of easily biodegradable saw-chain oils should therefore be a matter of course, if only for reasons of human and environmental compatibility. For this reason, Zeller+Gmelin has added a water-based saw chain fluid to its existing product portfolio of lubricants for environmentally sensitive areas.

Excellent practical results

The water-based saw chain fluid is in no way inferior to the traditional variants of chain oil in terms of adhesion and lubrication properties, ageing resistance and cold resistance and is technically capable of fully replacing lubricants made from mineral or vegetable oil. AquaChainFluid passed the steel finger test DIN ISO 7120 A and also achieved a corrosion degree of 0 in the chip/filter paper corrosion test DIN 51360-2.
Another challenge was the flow behaviour at cold temperatures. Organic chain oils can usually be used at temperatures as low as -18 degrees Celsius. In the 168-hour air bath test, however, Divinol AquaChainFluid achieved permanent cold flow behaviour down to -24 degrees Celsius. The viscosity of Divinol AquaChainFluid also convinced the lubricant developers: at 70 mm"/s at 40 °C, it is comparable to standard organic chain oils and thus ensures good flowability from canisters and other packaging containers. This favourable viscosity-temperature behaviour makes Divinol AquaChainFluid a perfect chain fluid for year-round use at high and low temperatures.

Resource-saving fluid for people, animals and the environment

Divinol AquaChainFluid has also already proven itself in practice. The product is suitable for cordless saws as well as for power and electric saws in particularly environmentally sensitive terrain. Here it is important to emphasise that there are no emissions in the form of oil mist," emphasises Michael Peter. This not only protects the health of the operators, but also the soil, groundwater, plants and animals.

Last but not least, this also has a positive effect on the users' protective clothing, as there is no contamination from oil droplets / oil mist. This means that the cut protection is maintained for longer and the clothing can be worn for longer overall.

The advantages of Divinol AquaChainFluid at a glance:
* High wear and corrosion protection
* Good viscosity-temperature behaviour
* No oil mist
* Without environmentally harmful components
* Water-based
* Non-labelling
* Readily biodegradable (OECD 301 B)
* User-friendly with regard to filling, mixing, cleaning


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