Central cooling system for recycling household waste
Efficient energy processes thanks to combined cooling/heating concept
Low CO2 footprint a prerequisite for plant operation

Sustainable cooling technology for pioneering upcycling process for converting household waste into thermoplastic material: technotrans is developing the central cooling and heating circuit for UBQ Materials' first production site in Europe. The Israeli company awards the contract for the concept and implementation of the efficient cooling and heating circuit to the technotrans SE subsidiary in Meinerzhagen. The project, which focuses on saving energy resources, is intended to set an example for other sustainability concepts. Commissioning is planned for the end of 2022. The order volume is in the seven-digit range.

"We were quickly convinced by technotrans' approach to solving problems and its ability to handle international projects of this magnitude," says Uwe Geissler, project coordinator at UBQ Materials, explaining the decision in favour of the thermal management specialist. "In terms of operational reliability, availability, energy efficiency, a low carbon footprint and technotrans' technical expertise, we expect great benefits for our production operations."

Two cooling circuits for patented conversion process
technotrans is responsible for the entire planning of the central cooling system at the new recycling site in Bergen op Zoom in the Dutch region of Zeeland. The challenge: to comply with strict emission restrictions, the company is developing an efficient cooling system with a high proportion of heat recovery. technotrans is relying on a combined concept of two cooling circuits plus a connected hot water system. "With our individual design of the system, we meet the high requirements for the production of the climate-positive thermoplastic material," says Nicolai Küls, Managing Director of technotrans solutions GmbH.

To ensure the operational reliability and availability of the UBQ™ conversion process, a modern recooling heat pump system with an output of 2,800 kW ensures the continuous cooling of the production machines to 15°C. The system is also equipped with a heat exchanger. In addition, the system uses a second circuit with 850 kW of power and a permanent temperature level of 20°C to temper the exhaust air from the production facilities. Both cooling circuits are designed for an operating time of at least 7,700 hours per year.

Integrated waste heat process
An additional high-temperature heat pump is connected to the cooling circuit for the production machinery. This was realised by technotrans in cooperation with SPH Sustainable Process Heat GmbH. Using modern cooling and heat pump technology, the system raises the temperature level to 130°C in a two-stage process. With an output of 1,367 kW, the hot water circuit heats the elementary drying plant with the waste heat from the cooling processes. "To accompany the construction of this pioneering UBQ production so closely speaks for our proven competence in the field of cooling technology," says Küls. "The fact that we also bear overall responsibility in the area of heat management is proof of our holistic approach to solutions."

By the end of 2022, technotrans will already have integrated the cooling technology into the production concept at the new location in the Netherlands. UBQ Materials thus produces the most climate-friendly thermoplastic material from household waste using its patented conversion process and supplies the construction or automotive industries, for example. In the future, the recycling company plans to produce more than 70,000 tonnes of UBQ™ annually. For each tonne produced, the company offsets 11.7 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

Support for Circular Economy concepts
Michael Finger, Spokesman of the Board of Management of technotrans SE, emphasises the importance of the major order in terms of climate protection: "With our solutions, we are making a significant contribution to the expansion of circular economy concepts and supplying efficient and sustainable solutions." The company thus provides systems to significantly reduce the CO2 footprint of its customers. The UBQ order is only the beginning. "As soon as our concept has proven itself, we would like to accompany further projects of this kind."


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