Further develops its biosafety testing laboratories for local demand; New labs complete 2nd phase of company's €29 million Biologics Testing Center.

Further develops its biosafety testing laboratories to meet local demand
New labs complete 2nd phase of company’s € 29 million Biologics Testing Center opened in 2022
Enhances BioReliance® testing services portfolio in the Chinese market

Platform can perform automatic analysis of sample's purity, identification and degradation of compounds through calibrated algorithm-based digital references.

Accelerates digitalization in labs and manufacturing by offering traceable digital records of physical reference materials
Allows Pharma QC/QA and R&D to increase sampling rate and identify sample inconsistencies to ensure safer products

The SentiSock, manufactured by Metafas on behalf of healthcare technology company Mentech, helps with early stress recognition in the disability and elderly care sector. This advanced sock is designed to detect stress early by measuring physiological parameters, such as skin conductance, heart rate and movement. In combination with artificial intelligence, the SentiSock provides caregivers with a valuable tool to better understand and manage otherwise unintelligible behaviour in patients.

ClearCorrect®'s global launch features innovations made to its Premier Aligner product and supporting software, including the Doctor Portal, and ClearPilot™ treatment viewing platform

ClearCorrect® continues to work in partnership with clinicians to develop industry-enhancing solutions that enable smarter workflows through the digitization of key clinician-patient processes, with practice growth solutions now available

A new study, conducted by Jackson et al.[1], demonstrates that the intake of the prebiotic dietary fibre oligofructose alone, or in combination with the human milk oligosaccharide 2’fucosyllactose, promotes a significant increase in Bifidobacteria in the gut and can result in substantial improvements in mood[2] in healthy adults with mild to moderate feelings of anxiety and depression.

Merck, invests € 35 million in biosafety testing at its Glasgow and Stirling sites, Scotland. Biosafety testing is a critical step in the drug development

Responds to global demand for biosafety testing for drug development and commercialization
Expansion creates nearly 500 new jobs in Glasgow and Stirling
Company’s investment to boost global testing capacity now tops € 350 million since mid-2022

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