In an economic context that continues to be exceptionally difficult and marked in 2023 by low consumption linked to massive destocking, many pulp and paper companies have seen a turnover decrease in the past year. A record high annual recycling rate indicates the industry’s autonomy and circularity.

By Winfried Muehling, Marketing and Communications Director at Pro Carton
As we enter Plastic Free July, a worldwide campaign calling for a world free of plastic waste, both brands and consumers must consider what they need to do to work towards a more environmentally friendly future.

A new report identifies 11 strategies that could abate building emissions by 80% and potentially unlock $1.8 trillion in global market opportunities by 2030.

China, as the world's largest construction market, can play a critical role in driving sustainable change across the global building industry.
The report identifies key barriers facing the global building industry including gaps in regulations and industry standards, data management and advanced tech adoption, biomaterials, financing and labour force upskilling.

AI-powered scientific discovery, carbon-capturing microbes, elastocalorics are among the 10 listed technologies.

Top 10 emerging technologies focus on applications in health, communication, infrastructure and sustainability.
This year’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies report identifies breakthroughs impacting societies and economies within 3-5 years.

Global gender gap sees only a slight improvement and will still take five generations to close at current progress.

Improvement in political participation of women has the most impact as it is where the gap is largest, with top-level positions remaining largely inaccessible for women globally.
With over 60 national elections in 2024 and the largest global population in history set to vote, women’s political representation and the overall gender gap could improve.
Parity in global labour-force participation is recovering, reaching 65.7%, up from a pandemic low of 62.3%.
Women's representation in AI engineering has doubled since 2016, but significant underrepresentation in STEM fields and AI remain.

82% of chief economists expect the global economy to remain stable or strengthen this year – almost twice as many as in late 2023

Over two-thirds predict a sustained rebound of global growth, driven by technological transformation, artificial intelligence and the green transition
There is near-unanimity that geopolitics and domestic politics will drive economic volatility this year

The EU Parliament put today its stamp of approval on the EU’s carbon removal certification framework. The regulation provides guiding principles for a set of methodologies, still in development, to certify processes to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. Much still needs to be defined through a dedicated expert group. Such definitions should include ‘renewable carbon’, the missing link to a circular, climate-friendly economic model.

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