Climate change has increased the frequency and intensity of floods across the globe. As recent severe events in Italy, Brazil, Croatia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Malawi, the Philippines, Somalia and Western Australia have shown, floods affect nature and society, leaving communities, cities and entire regions devastated. Jointly produced by United Nations University institutes in Germany (UNU-EHS), Belgium (UNU-CRIS), and the Netherlands (UNU-MERIT), a new report provides five key recommendations for strengthening climate resilience based on lessons from the 2021 floods in Western Europe.

3M and Svante will partner to develop Direct Air Capture (DAC) products for the carbon dioxide removal (CDR) industry, driving their shared commitment to find materials science-based solutions to achieve net-zero emissions and combat global warming.

FPT Industrial – a pioneer and leader in the development of alternative fuel engines with more than 20 years of experience and over 80,000 Natural Gas engines sold globally to date – will be presenting the complete cycle of biomethane in agriculture at Agrishow 2023. During the trade fair, being held in Ribeirão Preto (São Paulo, Brazil) from May 1 to 5, the Brand will also show off a full range of technologies and solutions to implement independent energy production and a carbon-neutral virtuous cycle in agriculture.

Exhibitors at HANNOVER MESSE, along with the event organizers at Deutsche Messe, have reached a strongly positive conclusion about this year’s event, saying that the world’s leading industrial trade fair demonstrated that the technologies for competitive and, at the same time, climate-neutral industrial production are already available. The next step, they said, involved the need to make consistent use of all the available solutions.

Rising costs from inflation and increased focus on reducing carbon dioxide emissions make product loss management more important than ever in dairy plants. One major reason these losses occur is because timings or other process parameters are set incorrectly, causing a lot of valuable dairy product to be unnecessarily washed out together with the wastewater. Collo’s unique liquid fingerprint technology addresses this problem by detecting any type of liquid in the pipes in real-time, offering an easy way to optimise production and cut product losses.

Achilles, the global leader and partner of choice for ethical and sustainable supply chains, is demonstrating its commitment to a net zero future, both for the organisation and its customers, enabling more every year to achieve their own carbon reduction targets with a notable increase of 144% in Achilles’ Carbon Reduce Programme members in the past 2 years.

UPM has been recognised with a triple ‘A’ score for its performance and transparent reporting on climate change, forests and water security by the global environmental non-profit CDP. Out of nearly 15,000 companies scored, UPM is one of only 12 companies that achieved the triple ‘A’.

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