Delta Electronics, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Delta”), a global leader in power and thermal management and provider of IoT-based Smart Green Solutions, today announced the signing of a long-term collaboration agreement, which includes technology transfer and licensing, with Ceres Power Limited, subsidiary of London Stock Exchange-listed Ceres Power Holdings plc (hereinafter referred to as “Ceres”) to access Ceres’ Hydrogen energy stack technology portfolio for approx. GBP43 million.

Bramble Energy’s latest whitepaper reveals system advantages for its groundbreaking PCBFC™ technology
Bramble’s fuel cell stacks streamline system builds, component choices, and integration for simple, efficient and cost-effective systems
Whitepaper highlights how PCBFC™ technology within electric powertrains can reduce or remove power conversion unit
Systems can remove the requirement for de-ionised cooling water loop and the deioniser for lower maintenance and capex cost as well as a further simplified, lower mass, volume and cost system
Bramble’s non-conductive modular stacks can be packaged closely together without risk to the stack or user to improve power density and safety.
Revolutionary technology provides a viable route for accessing the hydrogen economy as its PCBFC™ can be manufactured in almost any size or arrangement at much greater speed and scale than traditional electrochemical stacks, at a much lower cost

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