Fast internet connectivity and stable networking are vital for a successful digital transformation. Eurofiber, the leading B2B technology specialist, runs a fiber network that is currently more than 70,500 kilometers long and growing by 50 kilometers every week. The company with over 600 employees is headquartered in the Netherlands and offers its customers ultra-modern infrastructure to drive forward digitalization in business and society.

The electromobility industry has been experiencing an unstoppable global upswing for several years. As a result, the demand for electrochemical storage systems is also rising continuously. Lithium-ion battery cells are the central element of the coveted energy storage systems, and the demands placed on their performance, safety and efficiency are correspondingly high.

Dedicated interconnected systems and, above all, AI as a key ally in a new approach to production process data analysis and logging, with all the advantages of SACMI’s new CVs Suite

In the packaging world, SACMI CVS is a valuable partner for the design of smart vision systems. ‘S’ as in systems, the set of mechatronic solutions that performs quality control on individual products, with the widest range of machines on the market. CVs as in software, which SACMI develops to build a true solutions ‘package’, configured according to cutting-edge usability and cybersecurity principles.

HEEDS AI Simulation Predictor empowers organizations to take full advantage of the digital twin to optimize products through advanced state-of-the-art AI with built-in accuracy awareness
Innovative, high-performing, designs can be produced faster by using knowledge and learnings from historical simulation studies

• Fast retrieval of information and data exchange on the digital service portal

• Digital machine label: direct access to specific system information
• New secure data interface to the KHS cloud for machine monitoring and analysis

Mitsubishi Electric’s Nagoya Works, one of the company’s main factories developing and manufacturing industrial automation products and systems, introduced a smart visualisation solution to monitor utility data throughout the entire factory. The GENESIS64™ visualisation software, a solution for displaying data in process, infrastructure and manufacturing industries, was leveraged to systematically monitor real-time data remotely from equipment, such as operations and loads, helping to address issues raised by the “new norm”.

Tan Delta Systems, a manufacturer of real-time oil quality monitoring sensors and systems is leading the way within the manufacturing and lubrication sector with the launch of SENSE-2. The new oil condition monitoring kit provides real-time data about machine oil quality to optimise maintenance and reduce operating costs.

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