Asia's increasing extreme weather patterns and climate change impacts have led to a surge in weather and water-related calamities, including devastating landslides, floods, and storms. Rising sea levels, driven by factors such as increasing ocean temperatures and continuous rainfall, could lead to a substantial rise of 1.8 meters by 2100 and 5 meters by 2150 in Singapore. Given these conditions, it is estimated that 65% of Singapore’s coastline might be unviable to defend against such extreme sea level rises. The accelerating rise in sea levels heightens the risk of flooding, leading to significant soil irrigation issues. Consequently, soil mechanics play a crucial role in mitigating these risks to prevent further damage.

In 2022, Asia experienced 81 disasters, resulting in over 5,000 fatalities, directly affecting over 50 million people, and causing economic damages exceeding USD 36 billion. These disasters are often exacerbated by rapid urban development in hilly areas, posing significant geo-hazards that jeopardize both the environment and socio-economics stability. With 40% of the world's population residing near coasts and a global population projected to reach 9 billion by 2050, land reclamation emerges as a multifaceted solution. This approach not only addresses challenges from flood resilience to agricultural opportunities, but also supports urban

expansion and economic progress.

Furthermore, in Singapore, minor landslides have been a recurring concern since the 1970s. Geotechnical engineering is crucial for assessing soil mass stability against gravitational and dynamic loads, including earthquakes, thereby enhancing slope designs and mitigating landslide risks. Comprehensive planning, design, construction, and maintenance practices are vital for safe and cost-effective hillside development.

Join us at the Geotech Summit to gain insights from industry leaders on technological advances in geotechnical engineering related to slope stability and land reclamation. This summit aims to resolve critical issues in slope engineering, dredging, and land reclamation operations. Attend this summit to share proven case studies and strategies for slope design, coastal flood resiliency, urban climate adaptation, and land reclamation with professionals from the engineering and construction fields.


Gain expertise in slope and soil stability analysis, design, and safety management
Drive initiatives for advanced slope engineering practices and effective landslides risk mitigation
Learn new innovations to optimize processes in dredging and land reclamation work methods
Stay at the forefront of geotechnical and slope engineering with the latest in stability and shoring technology methods
Develop practical solutions to deal with flood risk, soil liquefication, sea bed level and land

infrastructure to ensure dredging operations is executed as per project schedule

Minimize risks of environmental damages with project management toolkits approved by other project leaders


How can we act in a radically environmentally conscious way in all areas of life in the future? What does it take to permanently establish fundamental changes? Renowned neuroscientist and bestselling author Professor Dr. Maren Urner will present scientific findings and psychological approaches on this topic at the online event of Messe Frankfurt's consumer goods fairs on 3 July 2024 from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.

At Realize LIVE 2024 Europe, held in Munich this week, Siemens Digital Industries Software announced the winners of its Techcellence Awards for Europe. First introduced at Realize LIVE Americas earlier this year, the awards have been developed to recognize companies that are striving for change through transformation and sustainability, as well as individuals who are leading through innovation and acting as a champion for digital technology and sharing their knowledge with the Siemens community in Europe. Winners receive VIP attendance passes for Realize LIVE Global 2025, which will take place in June 2025 in Detroit.

Urban Future, the pioneering platform for urban sustainability and yearly meeting of the so called “CityChangers”, kicked off its tenth anniversary edition in Rotterdam with a day brimming with inspiration and honest stories of “making change happen”.

To meet increasing customer demand for remelted high nickel and stainless steel bars and tubes, Alleima will invest in a new vacuum arc remelting (VAR) furnace to expand production capacity for segments like Aerospace, Medical, and Oil and Gas. Production is planned to start during autumn 2025.

Adsorbi AB, a research-based startup originating from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, announced today the launch of its first commercial product: a cellulose-based material that protects artwork and sensitive objects from degradation by air pollutants. The adsorbing material combines a long product lifetime with high security, making it ideal for museums and archives.

Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd., one of the largest manufacturers of polymer stabilizers in the world and a key global specialty chemicals player, has signed The Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal. Together with 1000 industry signatories representing 25 sectors across Europe, SONGWON will be strengthening the competitiveness, sustainability and resilience of European industrial production, facilitating the transition towards a greener economy and developing sustainable practices across the industrial value chain in Europe.

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