Founder of The Good Factory Samantha Taylor, kicks off the two-day virtual conference with her keynote presentation If we had to change right now to be better with the materials we work with, what would the impact drivers be to transform the industry?

Merck announced a three-year collaboration with the research group of John Hartwig at University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California.

Partners are the Hartwig Group at University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory jointly led by John Hartwig
Three-year collaboration in computational catalysis science
Aim is to predict novel catalysts using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques

The butterfly effect theory is the idea that one small occurrence can significantly impact the world. Advanced materials from Alleima can contribute to innovative changes that help raise productivity, energy efficiency, and minimize environmental impact. In a global marketing campaign “900 ways to make a change” Alleima highlights how more than 900 advanced alloys can make a change globally.

Due to the global trend towards electric drives and e-mobility, the limited raw material lithium will be less available in the future. The lubricant manufacturer Zeller+Gmelin therefore feels responsible for increasing the share of sustainable, resource-saving lubricating greases. With Divinol Multipurpose Grease Ca 2, a lithium-free grease has now reached the market that was developed entirely on a calcium-soap basis. In future, the product will serve as a high-performance alternative to the proven Divinol Multipurpose Grease 2.

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