Efficient and ecofriendly, the new system brings annual CO2 emissions savings comparable to planting 20,000 trees

Sustainability is one of the keywords in IGB's industrial plan, and it is used not only for the products but for the manufacturing process too. The approach adopted by the company works in four directions: the design and production of plastic-free packaging, FSC certification of its supply chain, certification of the impact of its industrial processes (ISO 14001), and optimisation of power resources.

This last aspect originates from a decision to save energy and work towards a circular economy, which has recently been achieved through the successful final testing of the new photovoltaic system.

The entire roof of ​​the IGB production plant in Viggiù is now covered with sustainable photovoltaic modules, while the sunshade built to protect the large windows on the storey where the offices are located offers further space to house the modules.

The 875 modules used overall comprise three different types, chosen according to the area in which they are installed.

The system generates 380,000 kWh of electricity a year (80% of which is goes back into the site for its own use) and an energy balance of around 35-40% of the annual requirement, which can reach up to 65% at certain times.

The power produced translates into a reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmospherThis ambitious project confirms IGB and its business model as sustainable and socially and financially responsible.e amounting to 201 tonnes per year, which is the equivalent to planting 20,000 trees.

Not only that, the array is almost entirely recyclable, as the modules are made up of 70% glass and 16% aluminium, while the remainder consists of Tedlar (plastic), copper, and silicon, all of which are non-polluting, strictly recyclable raw materials.


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