Selling food products can be a tough task depending on location, business model, and several other factors. Two important things to consider are packaging and the protection of food products.

Heat-Sealed Bags are not only the best way to protect food products, but they also enhance hygienic qualities such as moisture prevention. Heat-Sealed Bags provide longer shelf life and improved freshness with the help of an environmentally friendly packaging solution.
Our Woodly® Heat-Sealed Bags can make all the difference in an instant. Woodly® bags can help reduce food waste and thus create cost savings alongside environmental benefits. Preventing and decreasing food waste through packaging solutions is an efficient, if not the best, way to make a difference.
Choose Woodly over conventional plastic bags
Cheese sandwich displayed inside the heat-sealed bagOur heat-sealed bags are made from a unique wood-based and 100% carbon-neutral Woodly® material. Bioplastics often get mistaken for biodegradable products and this most certainly is an issue.
There are a large plethora of different bio-based packaging options that can be categorized as bioplastics, biodegradable, and so forth. In order to replace existing traditional plastics with sustainable alternatives, it is imperative to take measures now.
Making the switch to bio-based sooner than later shows the initiative that consumers will value in the long run.
Heat-sealed bags and bioplastics
The vast majority of heat-sealed bags that are currently on the market can be tagged as traditional fossil-based plastics.
What is necessary to understand is that bioplastics and materials such as Woodly can and will change the plastic industry towards a more sustainable future. Making the switch to carbon-neutral Woodly® bags is the first step of many in making a change for the sustainable future.
Packaging protection and shelf life
The simplest answer to why food products are packaged in various ways comes down to one thing: hygiene. Bacteria, condensation, and other harmful factors can cause severe problems to unprotected food products, especially on open shelves and in crowded places.
Increasing the shelf life of food products is also important because reducing all kinds of waste in every which way possible means lesser emissions. Food waste is one of many culprits causing methane emissions and every environmentally friendly decision, big or small, helps.
Recyclable heat-sealed bags
Recyclability cannot be understated. Consumers simply must have the added choice of recyclable packaging materials and the Woodly® bag provides that. The biggest advantage of recycling is reducing waste and maintaining a circular economy approach. Keeping materials in circulation is the truest form of leaving a positive handprint on the environment.
By choosing the recyclable Woodly® heat-sealed bags, you are taking a stand for the well-being of our planet and showing your customer base that you care.

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