EsPlásticos, the community platform of the Spanish plastics value chain, together with the Mayor of Madrid and other high-ranking politicians, opened the world's first 100% recyclable plastic museum. It is located in the Plaza de Juan Goytisolo in the centre of Madrid, directly opposite the Spanish National Museum, and can be visited free of charge from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. until 16 May.

The aim of the EsPlásticos exhibition is to show the important role of plastics for society and to inform about the many reuse and recycling properties of the material. It is also about the industry's contributions to a more sustainable and resource-efficient future.
Alicia Martin, Managing Director of PlasticsEurope Iberica and spokesperson for EsPlásticos, at the opening of the Plastics Museum in Madrid on 8 May.
Inside and outside: plastic
The Plastics Museum does not simply exhibit pieces made of plastic, it is also made entirely of the material. Various exhibits inside the museum show visitors the importance of plastics in our everyday lives - be it for health, communication, building and living, food supply or modern mobility. It is shown that plastics contribute to more sustainability, safety and quality of life every day.
And the end of life of a product is not left out either: one part of the exhibition is therefore dedicated to the negative consequences of littering, i.e. the careless throwing away of plastic waste. Among other things, the exhibition shows what the industry is already doing today to better manage its material in the cycle - for example, through better design for sustainability and more efficient recycling technologies.
The Mayor of Madrid at the opening of the Plastic Museum in May
Big crowd around the Madrid mayor at the opening of the Plastic Museum in May
Plastic Museum "to go
This is also reflected in the way the museum is treated at the end of the exhibition period: on 17 May, World Recycling Day, the building will be dismantled into its individual parts and completely recycled. In this way, the museum is a powerful symbol for a responsible and environmentally conscious approach to plastic - in Spain, Europe and the world.

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