Shawton Energy is on track to deliver £100m of PPA-funded solar projects over the next five years, enabling C&I customers to reduce their carbon footprint, cut energy costs and protect against energy pricing volatility, without the requirement for capital investment

Shawton Energy will exclusively fund projects that use SolarEdge DC-optimised technology to improve the performance, safety and profitability of its installations

Global leader in smart technology, SolarEdge Technologies, Inc., and funded decarbonisation company, Shawton Energy, today announce they have entered into a collaboration arrangement in the UK. Shawton Energy will exclusively provide power purchase agreements (PPAs) for projects that use SolarEdge’s DC-optimised PV solution to maximise the performance, safety and profitability of its commercial & industrial (C&I) installations. At the same time, SolarEdge has named Shawton Energy as its preferred funding partner for C&I installations. The aim of the collaboration arrangement is to enable more UK businesses to access the cost and sustainability benefits of solar energy without having to provide capital investment.

“Despite a considerable increase in the number of businesses deploying solar over the last few years, current estimates suggest that only a small percentage of commercial roof space in the UK has a solar installation. That means there are a significant number of businesses that are missing out on the advantages that clean, renewable solar energy can bring them,” says Jamie Shaw, Managing Director, Shawton Energy. “From our experience of working with C&I customers, we know that freeing up capital to invest in renewable energy projects can be a significant challenge. However, for businesses that are serious about reducing the environmental impact of their operations and that are willing to invest in a long-term partnership, a PPA provides a simple and easy way to switch to low cost, clean energy without any capital expenditure.”

Founded in 2016, Shawton Energy has established itself as a leading construction and renewable energy technology specialist. In 2021, it partnered with sustainable fund manager, Iona Capital, to become a funded decarbonisation partner for C&I businesses. The joint venture aims to deliver more than £100 million of invested capital in PPA-funded solar projects over the next five years.

Under the terms of a PPA, Shawton Energy will design, construct, operate and manage the solar installation on behalf of the customer for the lifetime of the project. The customer will buy the electricity generated from the solar modules located onsite at a reduced, fixed price, which is often less than half the rate charged for energy from the grid. This equates to up to a 30% reduction in annual energy costs once daily and seasonal variances in solar energy production are factored in.

With a goal to increase the value of its installations, Shawton Energy approached SolarEdge as a potential partner after undertaking an extensive review of solar technologies and suppliers in the UK market.

“As both the owner and operator of the projects we fund, it is imperative that the products we put on our customers’ roofs will serve us well for the full lifespan of the project. This means they need to be robust, safe, and provide the visibility that Shawton Energy and our backer requires,” says Shaw. “SolarEdge’s Power Optimizer technology will ensure our projects produce the maximum amount of energy possible over their lifetime, enabling us to deliver more value to our customers. We were also impressed by SolarEdge’s approach to safety and operation and maintenance – the technology really excels on both those points.”

SolarEdge’s DC-optimised PV solution is designed to deliver the lowest possible cost of ownership over the lifetime of solar installations. Power Optimizers attached to solar modules increase energy production by overcoming issues such as shading and module mismatch that can limit performance in traditional systems, and also provide highly-granular, real-time data on system performance that enables rapid fault finding and maintenance. The solution also includes a suite of inbuilt safety features, including arc fault detection and SafeDCTM, to provide enhanced protection for people and property.

Christelle Barnes, UK Country Manager, SolarEdge Technologies, concludes: “Shawton Energy shares our mission to deliver high performing solar projects that deliver tangible benefits that are both visible and measurable and make a meaningful difference. With its combined construction, renewable energy technology and funding expertise, it is ideally positioned to bring together what can be a fragmented, cross-sector process to provide a complete, fully-funded turnkey solar solution for customers. We are excited to work alongside Shawton Energy and play our role in helping more UK businesses to unlock the cost and environmental benefits of clean, renewable solar energy.”


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