On Friday 1st October, members of the Greycon team started a collective walk covering the distance between their London office and their office located in Athens to raise money and awareness for WasteAid. Each member of the team is contributing their steps towards the challenge, which is an estimated 3,466,000 steps covering 1,733 miles.

Walking for a good cause
The main aim of the London to Athens incentive is to raise money for WasteAid, an independent non-profit charity, set up by waste management professionals to share practical and low-cost waste management know-how with communities in low-income countries across the globe. As Greycon specialise in lowering waste for manufacturers, WasteAid was the natural choice of charity.
Around 1 in 3 people globally don’t have decent waste management.
Pollution caused by waste harms people’s health, the environment, and damages the local economy. In contrast, an affordable waste management system is relatively simple to implement, improving the environment, creating jobs and protecting public health – particularly for children.
Plastic pollution in the marine environment is of major global concern, and WasteAid is helping tackle this global problem. WasteAid work with upstream and coastal communities to set up small recycling centres and help keep plastic out of rivers and the oceans. They also share skills in managing organic waste, helping people make the most from the ‘waste’ materials they have.
WasteAid share these skills with local trainers so that the knowledge can be passed on from community to community. They keep the cost of equipment as low as possible because $10 can make a big difference to the viability of a recycling start-up in a deprived community. WasteAid makes sure there are local markets for any products made from recycled materials, maximising the value to the local economy.
What do your donations go towards?
Here are three examples of how WasteAid will use donations.
£100 – Could train an unemployed young person to become a city waste champion.
£500 – Could equip a community group to transform organic waste into useful products.
£1000 – Could provide machinery for processing plastic waste, keeping cities clean and oceans plastic-free.
Greycon’s contribution
Upon completion of the London to Athens walk, Greycon will contribute £250 towards the JustGiving page.



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