Three days filled with inspiration, captivation, and provocation have come to an end. Rotterdam has showcased its commitment to combating climate change to the world. Nearly 2,000 UF24 participants delved into this year's most pressing issues: climate adaptation, social inclusion, and the importance of bold (female) leadership.

The City’s F*ckUp Show

Yesterday’s closing and highlight session “The city’s F*ckUp Show” truly did not disappoint. Enrique Peñalosa, former Mayor of Bogota and presidential candidate, Lan Marie Nguyen Berg, Member of the Norwegian Parliament, and Rashiq Fataar, an inspiring urbanist and CEO at Our Future Cities shared their personal stories of failure and what they learned out of it with the audience.

In total Enrique Peñalosa lost seven elections, but he still did not give up: “It was worth losing and trying again. I wanted to become a mayor to change things. Because if I hadn’t done it, nobody would have.”

Field Trips for 1,000 people

Today around 1,000 curious explorers were sent out to discover Rotterdam and it’s sustainable initiatives, architectural highlights and in more than 35 Field Trips, from climate adaptation walks, to rooftop hops and floating city tours.

Up next: Łódź 2025

The official handover moment from Rotterdam to Łódź marked the symbolic transition to Urban Future's next edition

Hanna Zdanowska, mayor of Łódź, unveiled her vision for Europe's last undiscovered gem. Offering a tantalizing preview of what awaits attendees next spring, Zdanowska's shared a few insights on Łódź's revitalization program underscored the city's commitment to sustainable urban development and their commitment to supporting the next generation: "The future belongs to the young generation. Go, change the world! We will give the platform to do it."


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