Enerin’s industrial heat pumps generate steam or hot water at up to 200°C, using any available heat source, even product cooling.

European industry uses 1500 TWh of fossil fuel for process heating annually, and a third of that heat can be supplied by industrial heat pumps. Enerin’s HoegTemp family of industrial heat pumps is the most efficient solution for a large share of that heat, especially for industries needing 100° to 200°C. The typical customer will achieve a 40 % to 70 % reduction in energy consumption, while reducing the load on the cooling system. Enerin’s heat pumps use natural refrigerants such as helium or nitrogen, with no ODP and no GWP, making them future proof.
Recycling waste heat

Enerin’s heat pumps can recycle waste heat from any industrial process to high temperature water, thermal oil, or steam systems, and can even generate heating and cooling simultaneously. Our HoegTemp heat pumps are modular heat pumps with heating capacity ranging from 200 kW to 1 MW per module, that can work with varying and unstable conditions, and will work well with future changes to the plant or energy system.

The HoegTemp operating range is -100 °C to 200 °C, and the heat pumps can be combined with thermal energy storage to make an energy system which can be controlled to match the load profile of the plant, while utilising the lowest electricity rates, and enabling the industry to become a virtual battery for the grid. The HoegTemp works on the stirling cycle, which is the most efficient heat pump cycle for high temperature lifts. The heat pump power consumption can be controlled in seconds, to match either production requirements or to allow plant or grid power control services.
Heat pumps capable of delivering 200°C

As the heat pump works with an ideal gas refrigerant, the heat pump is not designed to any specific operating conditions, but can work equally well during process start-up, varying production rates, or with future changes to the plant or production processes. According to several major industrial players, Enerin is one of very few companies that supply commercial industrial heat pumps capable of delivering 200°C. Our heat pumps will offer competitive performance and RoI for use temperatures from 120°C to 200°C, in some cases even for lower temperatures.

Enerin’s heat pumps may also be used for efficient thermal energy storage at both high and very low temperatures, as well as cooling applications in the food industry and in gas liquefaction.
Lowering industrial energy use

Enerin’s HoegTemp industrial heat pumps will contribute to lowering industrial energy use, for high-temperature water or steam applications, by up to 70 %, while allowing increased utilisation of renewable energy and improving grid stability.

Enerin’s HoegTemp heat pumps are commercially available in the EU and the UK and will be available in other markets soon. While high-temperature industrial heat is our main market, the heat pumps may also be competitive for ultra-low temperature freezing applications in the food industry, as well as for gas liquefaction.

Industrial heat accounts for about ¼ of the world's energy consumption, and about the same proportion in regions such as the EU and the US. About ¼ of industrial heat is used in the temperature range 100°-200°C: This amounts to 2200 TWh/year globally, and about 500 TWh/year in the EU alone. Most heat intensive industries have set net zero target for greenhouse gas emissions, and industrial heat pumps will be important to reach that target. European industry will need approximately 100 000 MW of high-temperature heat pumps (in the temperature range 100°-200°C) in the next decade to meet the demand, which translates to € 100 bn at typical prices.


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