KraftPowercon is excited to announce the launch of its CoolKraft™ water cooling solution for reliable rectifier performance.

Choosing the best cooling solution for reliable rectifier performance

Having a reliable rectifier is essential for maximum uptime and line availability. Which is why we design our FlexKraft™ and ModuPulse™ rectifiers to be modular, to ensure continuous operation even in the unlikely event of an unexpected module failure. More importantly, we help you to prevent failures in the first place, which are most often caused by environmental and operating conditions.

Sometimes standard air cooling just isn’t enough

When temperatures reach 40° or more, or if the air is dusty or contaminated, water cooling is much more efficient and reliable than air cooling. It doesn’t push heat back out into the air – the heat can even be recovered to use elsewhere if needed. And there are no issues with filtration or clogging: as an enclosed system, water cooling is far more reliable.

Water cooling doesn’t need an isolated room or additional ventilation facilities to be built, either. It can be placed close to the process, reducing copper bus bar and installation costs and maximising efficiency.

Water cooling is now a straightforward and cost-effective option

Up until recently, water cooling has largely been a complex, costly and inconvenient option that involved custom design and installation by specialists. It was complex, time-consuming and expensive.

Now you can simply add CoolKraft™ water cooling to your KraftPowercon rectifiers without calculating complex parameters or involving specialist installers. Just plumb it in.

Made specially for our rectifiers and to our own strict criteria, CoolKraft is the ideal heat exchanger for FlexKraft and ModuPulse rectifiers operating in difficult environments. It’s designed to be versatile and highly efficient, and can be placed right next to your tanks if you wish.

CoolKraft is designed to give you continuous operation. It automatically controls the water flow and quality, temperature, and has built-in motor protection. It’s tough, too, with IP32 protection and high corrosion resistance.

More effective cooling for sustained uptime, even in tough conditions
Low-cost installation and maintenance
Automatic temperature management


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